Friday, July 8, 2011

Who Stole the Cookies?

All I can think about are chocolate and cookies.  I thought eventually this feeling would pass but it's not.  So with cookies on my mind it made me think of the beginning of the school year which stresses me out and in turn makes me want more cookies.  So now that we all have cookies on our mind, in the beginning of the year we do a daily writing activity using the chant "Who Stole the Cookies from the Cookie Jar?"  I've created this smartboard file (A freebie! Yippee!) to use for it.  We use this activity to get to know all the students in the classroom through interviewing, we learn about the letters in our names, graph how many letters, and then each student draws a picture of the student of the day, writes their name, and tries to write something about the student.  We make a class book of each student's picture of themselves.  The students LOVE the cookie jar portion of our day.  Download the Cookie Jar file here from our TPT store.  Please feel obligated to leave us some love or something that makes us feel totally cool.  Oh and go eat some cookies.  You deserve them.

By the way this is Jamie Lee. I do not have near the amount of patience Miss Rachele has with blogging nor the diligence of figuring out how to do something.  That is why you're not getting previews of a Smartboard file.  If any of you very smart bloggers want to tell me how to get a picture of the file in the post then it can be your good deed for the day.  And a good deed is never forgotten. Just saying.


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