Wednesday, July 6, 2011

nametags with photos!

Have you seen the adorable jungle themed nametags that Katie over at Little Kinder Warriors created? ADORABLE and FREE! Well, while Jamie Lee has been able to put these to great use for her jungle themed classroom, I (Rachele), on the other hand, needed something movie themed. What is a girl to do? Create her own that's what! So, if you are like me and have a movie themed classroom, you can use them too!

Movie Nametags

Share some love if you love these nametags!


Katie Mense

OMG!!! These are so stinkin' adorable!!!! Great job!!! THanks for the shout out! You rock:)
P.S. Jamie Lee~thanks for the super nice comment on my blog:)
Little Warriors


Ladies, you are killing me! I am all kinds of NOT a celebrity!!!!

Anywaaaaaays, we actually fly into Charleston this Saturday and will be there through the following Wednesday, so if you see me PUH-LEASE say hello! I'll be the touristy chick with my camera in hand, leading my boys into shop after shop with a Diet, sweet tea? in hand! And both boys will probably be tantruming over something ;)

Thanks so much for all your suggestions - we'll have a lot to accomplish in five days!

~ Abby :)

Rachele and Jamie Lee

Katie, thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging compliment!

Abby, would it be weird if Jamie Lee and I were at the airport on Saturday? We would be the ones with the signs. Bahaha! I'm just kidding, but we did discuss it :0)


♥ ♥ ♥ These! I have movie theme as well and am always looking for great ideas! I so appreciate you sharing. Can't wait to get in my room next week.

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