Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Jungle Love.

Yall! There are so many amazing things out there. I swear my hiney has gotten flatter and wider this summer because all I do is sit on the internet stalking blogs which leads to font searching then to book buying and do I even begin to mention how much time I could spend on Pinterest. Lord help us all. Then after all the downloading and sharing how much you loooove the freebie you just downloaded, you can't even remember where it came from. So with all that said...somebody absolutely amazing created some jungle themed table labels. I loved them but as most teachers are, I'm OCD and wanted the color scheme to go more with my classroom so I recreated. Thank you thank you thank you whoever that wonderful blogger was. So check these out if you would like pretty much the same thing with a few different colors! I'm thinking of using these on the supply buckets or just contact papered (that is a verb you know) to each table.
Jungle Table Labels

These will be hanging from the already cuuuuute pomp pom balls that Miss Rachele made for me last year. Can't wait to see everything up.
Hanging Table Labels

Hope you enjoy them! And if you use them, please follow us or send us love. Everybody knows how much you love a follower!


Ms. W

cute! Love the labels


I just found your blog and love your jungle labels. So cute! Thanks! :) I am a brand new blogger, teach kindergarten and also live in South Carolina. I added you to my favorite blogs! Please check out my blog too!
My Kindergarten Kids

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