Friday, July 15, 2011

Holy Vistaprint!

Holler. Hey Oh. That's what I'm talking about. Yeehaw. and Sweet. Now that I've gotten that out of my system, let's discuss the world of Vistaprint. It all began one night when I was doing my nightly blog stalking. There was a lovely teacher talking about how much she got from Vistaprint for FREE. I thought I'd go check it out. I loaded up my cart with 543 20 or so things thinking they would be free. I mean, that teacher got all her stuff free, why shouldn't I? I proceed to checkout. Not free. What? How? Why me? I go about my business as usual. I'm a little bummed, I won't lie but I kept calm and carried on. The next day, I was blog stalking again. Another lovely teacher is talking about her Vistaprint loot. What is different this time? She mentions a forum on ProTeacher called Vistaprint Addicts. I have an account. I check it out. Holy Moly. There are some amazing deals posted on there. I go back to Vistaprint. I load my cart with 543 20 or so things. Proceed to checkout. ALL FREE.

Here is my loot:
A notepad

Thank you notes/postcards

Address Labels

Sticky Notes

Business card stickers

Large Magnets

A notebook

A rubber stamp

Business Cards

and a pen

Unreal. I know. All free! Yes, please! Check it out for yourself!


Nancy Wilson

Hi! I love your 'loot'!!! Please consider linking up on my Vistaprint Linky Party!
Thanks, Nancy
The Apple Basket Teacher


Isn't Vistaprint awesome?

On my last oder I got magnet business cards to hand out at Meet the Teacher Night, personalized postcards for a postcard exchange, and oversized birthday postcards for my students. So much fun!



Hey there! Do you remember which other blog you saw this great VistaPrint idea on? I think I saw it too and I can't find it again! I want to copy her Conference Request card. Please e-mail!

Thank you!!!

Rachele and Jamie Lee

Love Vistaprint!

@ Jenny, I do not think I can find it. I am sorry :(

Rebecca Rojas

You got some amazing things! I keep hearing about Vista Print. I think I may need to check it out after seeing what you made!


Sweet Fairy

These are great. How can i get free designs for my plastic business cards?

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